The Agony (…before The Ecstasy)

222858Something bad has to happen to my character, Terri.

Oh, dear.

“But, why?” asks the dear reader, in a tremulous voice.

Well, as Mary pointed our fairly early in our little adventure here, no one is going to be interested in reading about three women who lead nothing but happy lives.  Actually, what she said was more along the lines that all of our characters couldn’t have happy, satisfying marriages.  This is when Jean valiantly (okay, maybe we pushed her a tad) “fell on her sword” and made her character single.

Mary has already mulled over (and decided about?) at least one challenge she was considering for her character, Susan. We’ll have to see what happens to her. (If you want to know more about it, you’ve go to click over to her post. This is my air time!)

But still, does that mean something bad has to happen to Terri?

Earlier this week I was writing about how Terry’s story is about her spiritual growth and transformation, or “ecstasy” in its various forms.  Most spiritual journeys, however, involve a “dark night of the soul”.  Like the one Eckhart Tolle went through and described in The Power of Now.  And no, Terri will not be a female version of Echkart Tolle. But Terri does need a dark night of the soul.

So my character Terri, I can tell you, is going to experience a difficult loss.  Perhaps someone close to her?  A person?  A pet?  Someone beloved.  Someone whose loss might wrench open a portal to a different reality.

Oh, dear.  Again.

But we’re not there yet.  In the meantime I think I might rent “The Agony and The Ecstasy”, a 1960s film based on the novel by Irving Stone, from Netflix this week-end.  I love the title, and as you can see have alluded to it a bit for my past two posts.  But I’ve never actually seen the movie or read the book.  Charlton Heston, here I come!

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