White Smoke!!

3347045467_054ea083c1_mThat’s how we’ll let you know!

In the last few weekends, we have come a long way toward completing the details of our story line.  Although we had previously written all of the introductory and character development chapters (the “who”), and outlined the location of the events and the time frame in which they will occur (the “where” and “when”), we hadn’t yet completely agreed upon all of the details of the plot (of course, the “what”).

We have learned that the plot details are where the rubber hits the road.  And, with three people co-writing a novel, we now understand we had better agree on all of those details lest our rubber tires spin off in all directions.

While many novelists say they take pen to paper and let their characters (and imaginations) write the novel for them, with co-authors, consensus must occur first.  Like, OK, we agree that each character will resolve an important life’s dilemma with help from her friends.  But through what vehicle will this occur?  Do we want to use a literary device or not?  And how will this resolution manifest itself for each character?

Fear not, the end is in sight!  The rubber tires are much more aligned than they were a month ago.  Once we are in complete alignment, the rest of the novel will in fact “write itself”.

And we’ll let you know when complete alignment and consensus have occurred by sending up billows of white smoke.  What will we burn to produce said smoke?  On that, we have not yet agreed.  A lot of laundry has piled up while we have been coming to consensus.  I’d vote for that.


Photo credit:  borkur.net via Flickr

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