Last Days


Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing comedic legend Carl Reiner. He has just published a memoir, “I Remember Me”.
Among many other things, he talked about his wife Estelle. They had been together for 65 years. She passed away a few years ago and he described her last day. Goose bumps.

Susan, my character in our book, will be dealing with her mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, as I had to deal with my Mom’s a few years ago. I have already decided to write about Susan’s Mom’s last day, and yes, in somewhat of an autobiographical way.

The statistics of Alzheimer’s in our country continue to be staggering. 50% of those over the age of 85 will be diagnosed with this tragic disease. In my experience, most people know someone who has had a family member with Alzheimer’s. It is unfortunately a very relatable topic and health crisis.

Within the next 2 weeks, I will be writing about Susan’s Mom’s last day. It will be emotional for me to relive it. It will deserve the utmost of perspective, sensitivity, factual orientation, and heart. It will challenge me on many levels.

But, as I begin to write it, I will be thinking not only of my personal story, but all the other daughters and sons who have had to witness the same with a parent. All of us who have had to experience first-hand the “last day” of a loved one, whether it be from Alzheimer’s or any other disease.

And, I’ll also be thinking of Carl Reiner.


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