6780737508_810e43bc7d_mThis is the sound of the evil laugh I hear in my mind as I plot my next email to Mary and Jean.

We have just had our weekly Sunday meeting.  We ate delicious, nutritious salads at a local eatery.  It has been a beautiful sunny day.  Camaraderie abounds.

I have shared with Mary and Jean that yes, last night I finished drafting Terri’s first, much-talked-about sex scene.  (The experience of writing it deserves its’ own post which I am saving, dear reader, for a later week.)

They are all smiles and happy, relieved faces.  Yes, isn’t wonderful how Karen has shouldered this great burden, leaving us free to prose-on about other, less tricky topics?

Now I am starting to feel like this is just plain old unfair.  I distinctly recall in our early discussions that Gina, Jean’s unmarried character, was going to be heating up the pages with some amorous adventures of her own.  Yet these scenes appear to have gone the way of the wooly mammoth.

So driving home, I am somewhat huffily pondering this form of literary abandonment.  I am also musing on the need to develop a transition chapter following Terri’s big scene.  And then suddenly…

Aha! I’ve got it! Terri will do what all close girlfriends do when something new, different or exciting happens in her life.  She will discuss it with her friends!  She will seek their support, their input, their reactions!  By jove, she will need them to share their own, similar experiences!!  In detail, no less!!

Yes, yes, yes.

You can run, Mary and Jean, but you can’t hide.



Photo credit:  Edzed Photography via Flickr

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