joel3219732265_22b0ea6527_m‘Twas once an old Portia named Jean,

Who announced to her friends: “I’ve a dream.

To write for my soul, for my pleasure,

Not for business, or clients or treasure.”


“T’would be nice not to venture alone

On a path that’s completely unknown.

Might you join with me on this quest?”

“Sure” they exclaimed.  Who’d have guessed?


Three middle-aged women, still smiling,

Are writing, creating, compiling

A story with message and vision.

No doubt, they’ll succeed in their mission.


And soon they’ll endeavor to publish

Those pages they’ve worked so to nourish.

Though indeed they may fall short of goal,

She’ll remember: ‘twas all for her soul.


Photo credit via Flickr

4 thoughts on “Portia

  1. Can anyone tell this is my Aunt Angela leaving these little messages for us? Well, at least we’ll sell one copy of the book!!!

  2. Once there was a girl…a very pretty little girl, with a curl in the middle of her forehead………….

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