We’re Getting Serious….

7828712200_9a8d54bb7c_mSince I write the 1st blog of each week … it’s the order we came up with back in Feb when we began our blog … I get the first crack at sharing what we discussed at our weekly Sunday get-togethers.  I think it makes it a bit easier for me.  Sorry, Jean and Karen!  We can revisit this at some point, if you’d both like.

Until then … Our get-together on Sunday was serious.  Not that it wasn’t fun, or that there wasn’t a lot of laughter.  It was, and there was.  Anytime 3 good friends have a chance to visit, fun and laughter will be had!

But we were productive and focused.  We even left with assignments.  We have a “buckle down” mindset at this point, complete with deadlines, a plot sequence and timeline for our book, and defined, somewhat complex and quite interesting characters.

We are very close to being ready to post bits of our chapters on our blog.  We have been putting it off until we all felt comfortable.  We almost do.

We are serious.  Driven.  Time for our ‘writing to meet the road’.


Photo credit:  robij via Flickr

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