An idea….


I haven’t blogged in two weeks. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking
about/working on our book. It does mean the activities of the summer were
front-and-center in my life, and by that I mean, I was on vacation. But, still
thinking about our book.

And, I came up with an idea. I haven’t even mentioned it to Jean or Karen yet.
(Our weekly writing sessions have also been on vacation for a couple of weeks.

My idea has to do with a new character making what will seem like random
appearances throughout the story line. Each of our characters will see him/her
(building suspense here!!) in the background, not interacting with, or having
direct contact. And, it won’t be until the women happen to casually mention
having seen the same man/woman that they will be aware of the curious

What is it that’s said about “coincidences”??? Mostly, that they usually

I should email Jean and Karen about this…..


One thought on “An idea….

  1. Yeah you might want to fill them in as you never know what there thinking

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